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Mitch Wallis

A mental health podcast with someone who gets it. Mitch Wallis' ultimate vision is for people to feel understood. This podcast covers the spectrum of how to cope through tough times. Each episode - Mitch explores his own vulnerable moments so others don't feel so alone, interviews world-leading experts to share the most impactful advice, and provides his own tactical steps for how to deal with complex emotional problems in a step-by-step framework based on evidence/personal experience/experimentation. "Understood" is also a selfish need to understand himself, as Mitch delves into a real-time uncovering of his own mind, traversing the traditionally "secret" insecurities of one's personal life in an attempt to make sense of the weird & wonderful intricacies of his brain. Best yet - the podcast is interactive, featuring a Q&A format where you can ask questions directly to the host. From life advice, to overcoming debilitating anxiety, to relationships and beyond - we hope you get something out of it.

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